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Parent Workbook

This is an evidenced-based, cognitive restructuring workbook for parents.  It is divided into 8 chapters on 52 pages and is designed to be completed with the help of a coach.  The coach can be anyone 18 years or older: a spouse, a relative, or even a friend.  Working with a coach can greatly increase your cognitive experience.

The S4F Parenting Workbook begins the process of correcting self-defeating behaviors and crippling emotions that play havoc with tender feelings so prevalent in troubled homes.  It teaches and demonstrates how to eliminate toxic thoughts and habits that sicken families.

If the principles taught in the S4F Parent Workbook are followed, they will provide immediate and sustained relief.  The S4F online resources will help parents travel the path to success in their home.  The result will be growth instead of decay, hope instead of despair, and peace instead of contention.

We welcome you to this remarkable and life-giving workbook.  The following is a sample page taken from this workbook.                                                                                          

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Parenting Workbook