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Youth Workbook

The Youth Workbook is designed to be completed by both the parent(s) and the child.  It is 55 pages divided into 8 units.  This is a timely and powerful workbook that focuses on problems facing today's teenagers.  As the parent you will have already completed the Parent Workbook and The 12 Essential Strategies Handbook and, by so doing, set a good example. You will be ready to help your child progress through the material and make good use of it.  Just spending the time to sit down with your child and begin to discuss life-altering topics and principles is, in and of itself, a powerful intervention.
This workbook will not benefit children under the age of 12 because they are not sufficiently mature.  You can not teach cognitive skills to children who are not yet cognitive.  Younger children are best served by The Family Court System and other resources found on this site.

We hope that parents will focus on building their relationship with their teenager and help them make discoveries with the material.  In other words, we hope parents will be facilitators and not lecturers. 

The following is a sample page taken from this workbook. 

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Youth Workbook