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Alternatives -- Do you need more help?

After using S4F Resources, if you are still experiencing unresolved problems with your child or if your child is in crisis you may want to consider scheduling a consultation with one of our Educational Advisors.  They will help you identify your needs and recommend the best fit for an out of the home placement.  Our Advisors place teens and families in programs that we have total confidence in and that best fit the families needs and on no other basis.  The following are the main categories of placement that our Educational Advisors can recommend and facilitate placement:

* Assistance with admissions into College or Universities

* Intensive in-home therapy -- A home based program 

* Wilderness treatment

* Residential treatment

* Therapeutic boarding schools

* Emotional growth boarding schools

* Alternative Drug Detox (Out Patient)


Educational Advisors offer parents customized recommendations giving parents better information which helps them make the best possible decision for their child.