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Membership Pricing

S4F membership is unique in that it allows you to choose resources that you need at the times that you need them.  In this way, we are empowering parents with the resources they need or want.

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become a member

It costs $10.00 per month to maintain your membership with S4F after the first year. There are no contracts or strings attached, you can discontinue your membership at any time for any reason!

* S4F membership also allows you access to the following services:

  • Live one-on-one Tele-Coaching (6 Points per session)
  • Live Webinars (2 Points per session)
  • Live one-on-one consultantions with an Educational Advisor (6 Points per session)

Each of the above services is paid by the use of points. Once you become a member and create your profile you will see your Member Home Page where you will have access to all that we offer.  You will also see how many points you have and an option to purchase more.  We offer the following volume-based discounts for the purchase of points as follows:

1 point = $10.00
5 points = $9.50/ per point
10 points = $9.00/ per point
50 points =  $8.50/ per point

100 points =$8.00/ per point

You can buy any combination of points to fit your needs.  With S4F you will be able to purchase Tele-Coaching or consultations with an Educational Advisor for as low as $48.00 per session. You can join a webinar for as low as $16.00 per session.