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Effective Parenting Strategies

We are Strategies For Families - Empowering Parents To Strengthen Family Relationships by providing effective parenting strategies and resources.

We know that parents everywhere struggle to raise their children to be happy, active and productive. We know that parents are often overwhelmed with emotions like fear, frustration, anger, insecurity, exhaustion, guilt, inadequacy, worry, anxiety, and even hopelessness. We also know that children are worth fighting for, and that giving up is not a good option.
Our S4F team is comprised of professionals with a variety of talents, degrees, and expertise in human behavioral sciences and family development. 

We are a best-practice organization that emphasizes the use of proven, vital behaviors and techniques to help parents become strong, better prepared, and more able to discover and sustain solutions. We have come together in an effort to create a unique web-based resource that focuses on helping parents, youth, and families to heal and strengthen. We cannot control the outcomes, but we are a group of dedicated professionals who are committed to offering you the tools, inspiration, and effective strategies necessary to create and sustain solutions for your family.
The following are some of the issues we can help parents address through our programs and services:

Anger, Disobedience, Lying / Fibbing, Stealing, Internet Addiction, Mild Depression, Smoking, Promiscuity, Hostility, Oppositional and Disrespectful Attitudes, Laziness, Pornography, Domestic Violence, Fear, Loneliness, Lack of Goals, Bullying, Addictions, Refusal To Do Chores, Contention, Self-Deception, Emotional Reactivity, and School Problems.

We are all parents ourselves, facing similar difficulties in taking care of our own families. We maintain that you are the expert when it comes to your children, their needs, and your family's limitations and abilities. We are here to assist, encourage, and coach you in finding ways to resolve the dilemmas and conflicts you currently face. We offer an affordable, focused, safe, convenient and organized approach to online parent support. The curriculum we use has been fine tuned through research and development to help you discover new ways to fulfill your aspirations and expectations for your children. We hope you will join us on the path to success in the home.