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Family Systems

Strategies For Families will soon offer multiple Family Systems, giving you the ability to choose which system fits your needs.  Each system is different from the others and each posseses its own strengths and limitations.  Currently only The Family Court System is available.  Others will follow soon.

The Family Court System

This system is design to help parents provide consequences for negative behaviors and recognition for positive behaviors. 

The Family Court System contains the following items:

Aspen Box: This box, with the S4F logo burned into its lid, is made of actual aspen wood and contains all of the Family Court items. 

Family Court Instructions: This is a detailed explanation of how The Family Court System works.

Pouch: This pouch contains a ticket pad, growth cards, pen, and judge/ officer card.  It is to be worn by a parent during weekly family court time.

Ticket Pads (2): These tickets are used to write citations for negative behavior such as, contention and breaking family rules.  Tickets are addressed during family court when cooler heads prevail.

Chore Cards (2 sets): There are 20 chore cards depicting various household chores with space on the back to write in special directions using a grease pencil.

Lanyards (2): These are safe, break-away lanyards to be worn by each child with their assigned chore cards attached.  As each chore is completed and inspected, the corresponding card is taken off until none remain.

Carabiners (2): These are used to take chore cards on and off as needed.  It also helps to keep them organized.

Growth Cards (1 set): These are used to reward your children for service or kindness to others, not for completing chores.  We recommend parents develop their own criteria for awarding growth cards.

Judge/ Officer Card: This Judge card is worn during family court time.  The Officer card can be worn by a baby sitter or another authority figure.

Points Chart: This is a laminated points chart used to identify point values for lesser or greater family violations as determined by the parent.

Family Principles & By Laws: This is used to discuss important issues and determine family by laws.  The focus here is to help establish order, expectations, and communication in the home.

Vital Behavior Picture Cards: A set of 8 cognitive-restructuring vital behaviors set to beautiful and appropriate pictures.  They can be carried in a purse or wallet as a means of focus helping to reduce anxiety and stress.

Miscellaneous:  A pen and grease pencil are also provided. Additional Family Court items not shown will be added from time to time.

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Price:  $195.00